Peñaflor Center

Autopista del Sol, Km. 29

Peñaflor Center Project

Improvement of 140 hectares of agricultural soil surface as mitigation plan, 1.5 times the size of the project.

Greening the surface and arborization of 20-meter strip by the project perimeter covering 14 hectares of land.

The estimated monthly jobs during the building stage are 300; 4.000 permanent jobs and 750 temporary jobs in operational stage.

Town contributions:

  • Guaranteed source of employment.
  • Contribution of environment security.
  • Work competences program for employees.
  • Permits and licenses for municipality income
  • Road improvement, accesses towards Autopista del Sol at Malloco exit and turning point expansion from Manuel Castillo, EISTU approved.
  • Sports Center.
  • Functioning buses for rapprochement use for center staff.
  • Low water consumption because there are no productive activities in operation.
  • The water consumed by warehouse surface is less than 10 agricultural hectares. This wastewater is recycled for irrigation of the vegetation contemplated by the project.


Name: Peñaflor Logistic Center

Location: Autopista del Sol, Km. 29.

Total Area: 93.2 hectares.

Land Use proportion: 43.7% - 40.8 hectares divided into:

Warehouses and Distribution Centers: 405,750 m2

Office Building: 1,963 m2

Executive canteen and complementary services: 800 m2