The Corporate Social Responsibility is a strategic objective of our company that aims at achieving a long-term sustainable development and growth.

The activities, initiatives and policies of our company seek to promote a sustainable development of the business being in favor of the professional growth of our collaborators throughout the country as well as the communities which our company has connections with.

In Bodegas San Francisco, we have developed a CSR plan that involves customers, collaborators, suppliers, community and environment.

CSR Customers

We are committed to the service functionality and quality by providing added value to and creating communicational mechanisms that allow the permanent contact and closeness with our clients so as to grant efficient answers and solutions.

A Quality Management System was implemented in 2005 in conformity with the established requirements of ISO 9001:2008 International Standard. Since then, we work based on the continuous betterment.

In order to provide added value to our warehousing service, we have incorporated complementary services to facilitate our clients’ operations and to increase our users’ well-being when entering our facilities.

CSR Collaborators

In BSF we are committed to the personal and professional development of our collaborators. We offer benefits and projects that seek to improve the quality of life and well-being of our collaborators as well as to foster job stability and progress opportunities.

In 2016, we intended to commit with the personal development of our collaborators so we provided them with the necessary opportunities to finish their secondary education.

CSR Environment

Our commitment to the environment is guided towards the constant search for new energy saving and waste recycling technologies.

Between 2009 and 2010, more than 422,000 kg of plastic were recovered. Similarly, since 2010 a record of cardboard recycling of 1,5 million kg has been kept.

CSR Suppliers

Our commitment with our providers is oriented to providing SMEs with the security that they will obtain work capital to face new projects on time.

In 2012, we obtained SME Pro Seal (Sello Pro PYME) certification given by the Economy Ministry. This certification guarantees the payment of invoicing to our smaller providers within 30 days. By this way, we ensure SMEs that we they will be paid within less than 10 days in general.

CSR Community

Our CSR actions towards the community are arranged in two strategic points: establishing a relationship with the school community in the towns we are present with the vision of turning us into an educative contributor and a sports promoter. We have got local schoolchildren closer to the theater, and we have improved the infrastructure and furnishings of Elvira Santa Cruz school.

We promote sports by sponsoring several family races, and especially local athletes with impairments as paralympic weightlifter Maria Antonieta Ortiz, and tennis player Maria Paz Diaz.